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Information on the Arabian Horse
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The Arabian horse is first and foremost the oldest breed of horse in the world.  It's blood has been used in the creation of many of today's popular breeds, including the Thoroughbred, Morgan, Quarter Horse and Lippizzanner. 
Known for their beauty and stamina the Arabian makes an exceptionally talented mount in a variety of disciplines.  They are the horses that most easily bond with humans, as the very first of the breed lived with their Bedouin owners in their own tents, so highly thought of were they.
The Arabian is well known for a beautiful, dished profile, small and curved ears, large luminous eyes and small, fine muzzle with large nostrils.  They typically have long, arched necks, deep well sprung ribs, straight and sturdy legs and a good hip and high set, flowing tail.  They excel at many sports, including western and english events, dressage, driving and endurance riding.
They are well known for intellengence and are sensitive animals, aware of the world in which they live in as well as their owner's moods.  Because of their gentle natures and wonderful tempraments they make wonderful family horses and will give a lifetime of love back to their owners.
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The gentle and caring nature of the Arabian
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