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Home of Belle Afire GA
Region 13 Top Five Yearling Breeder's Sweepstakes Filly and Minnesota Fall Festival Medallion Top Ten 2 Year Old Filly. 
Inquiries welcomed on future sales availabilities.

The Apostolos
The Minstril x Princess Asadya (TheEgyptianPrince)


A Special Thank you to Summer and Scott of Southwind Arabians, in La Porte Texas.
They have been great friends and mentors to us this past year!  Everyone entering into the Arabian horse breeding business should be so lucky to have such great people to learn from!
The Confession, stunning daughter of The Apostolos
The Apostolos x Amiri Meliss (Say Amen)

DS Major Afire, sire of Belle Afire GA
Photo courtesy of Geneva Arabians, S Vesty Photographer

Belle Afire GA
DS Major Afire x BEA Society Belle
Flash *NEWS*
Belle Afire GA now resides at Southwind Arabians in Texas!  She has been sent down early for some possible showing and to be bred to the exotic Straight Egyptian black stallion, The Apostolos in 2006!
Due to some extra hours with work, etc, we are able to "step up" our plans a year!  Belle arrived in great shape physicallly and mentally thanks to Tony of Equus Farms Transportation....We *highly* recommend Equus for all of your long distance hauling needs!
Belle's 2007 foal, black bred, will be available for sale to discriminating buyers.  Feel free to contact us in this regard!
Belle and Robin, 03
Photo Courtesy of Caryn Henry, 2003

Here's lookin at you Kid!
R Tedesco 05

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